cut thread weaving
A variation of Cut Thread weaving is shown in progress
  I hope these instructions will help get you started on the fun art of weaving.
                 I will be adding How-To's for Tri Loom weaving
 as well as weaving on
other types of looms
and related subjects.

Weaving on a Tri Loom

Building a Wood Tri Loom Making a Cardboard Tri Loom
Basic Continous Weaving on a Tri Loom Russian Join
Changing Colors or Yarn Weaving Point Up
Making Fringe Cut Thread Weaving
Leno Lace
Swedish Weaving

Tri Loom Projects
  fringe shawl        needle woven shawl      neck pieces      cut thread shawl  Gypsy  Hip Belt         Banner
  Fringe shawl    Needle Woven Shawl   Neck piece            Cut Thread Shawl                           Gypsy Hip Belt                               Banner

Weaving on Small Looms

Weaving on a Cardboard Loom  

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