Build a Loom

Loom Sizes and Uses
revised from
 Tri Loom Weaving
by Barbara A. Herdman

The projects listed for each size loom by no means cover everything you can make with that size loom.
They are used simply to give a comparative idea for each loom size uses.

To help determine what size shawl would work for you personally
 stretch a string or tape from finger tip to finger tip of your out stretched arms and measure.

Looms under one foot: will make a coaster, plant mat, rug mug, woven necklace, a dolls shawl, or join together to make larger pieces.

        One Foot Loom:   is very comforatable to work with on your lap.
                                    It is a nice size to do sample weaving with new yarns, colors or techniques.
                                    You can weave fancy neck pieces or small bags with them as well as numerous other projects
                                    Making a small loom is good practice before you tackle building a larger loom.
                                   36 one foot Tri's joined together will make a six foot shawl

Eighteen Inch Loom:  is an ideal size for doing samples to see how a plaid, stripe, or other design or technique will look.
                                  They make a more generous sized neck piece. They can also be used for bags, hats, shawls and throws.
                                  16 eighteen inch Tri's joined will make a six foot shawl

       Two Foot Loom: can be used in your lap but is more comfortable to weave on if you put it on a table or stand.
                                  It is a very portable size and easy to store.
                                  Nine Joined will make a six foot shawl.

    Three Foot Loom: is best put on a stand or table to weave.
                                It makes a nice sized neck scarf or head scarve.
                                It is also a nice size shawl for a young child.
                                Two put together form a small poncho.
                                Four joined will make a six foot shawl.

     Four Foot Loom: is a bit large to take with you unless you take it apart.
                                You can make lovely large neck or shoulder scarves.
                                Join several for shawls, ponchos, or ruanas.
                               Four joined will make an 8 foot shawl.

All looms over four feet are best used with a tripod type floor stand or fastened securely to a wall.
Take into consideration the room needed to set up, use, and store a larger loom before you buy or make one.

      Five Foot Loom: make ponchos, ruanas, and nice size shawls for children.
                               Two put together would also make a nice baby blanket

        Six Foot Loom: makes a larger size shawl but is still to small for many to wear comfortably.
                               Two put together would make a comfortable poncho or ruana and a lovely square throw.

   Seven Foot Loom: seems to be the most popular size for a large loom. Many looms for sale are seven foot.
                                 If you weave with a tight tension you will find the weaving contracts to a much smaller size when removed from the loom.

   Eight Foot Loom: makes a comfortable size shawl for larger people. I am 5'8" and prefer the 8 foot size.

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